People float for different reasons, and what they come in for affects how often they float. If you are recovering from an injury we recommend coming in multiple times within a shortened period of time. If you are wanting to ease symptoms of anxiety or insomnia, regular weekly, or bimonthly float sessions will yield you results.



Flotation is a fast track to meditation. It creates space for you to enter in a state where deep meditation and contemplation can occur. Without the distraction of physical sensation, noise, or light, the mind is free to let go. 



Epsom salts are a proven remedy to treat aching joints and muscles. Our Dreampods each have over 1,100 pounds of salt dissolved in the water, causing the body to be extremely buoyant.  This weightless environment allows joints and muscles to completely relax aiding in recovery from sports injuries and overexertion. 



90% of your brain's activity is processing stimuli. What happens to your brain when it is relieved of that burden?  Studies show significant improvements can be made in coping with anxiety, depression, and overall cognitive function from 1 hour of flotation therapy a week*