Open in beautiful Bozeman MT, since 2017. New Wave provides relaxation, recovery, and improved cognitive function so you can go out and be better at whatever it is you want to achieve.  

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Work Better

Floating improves focus, helping you get the job done better and faster. Your body and mind are able to rest more in our float pods than in any other environment. This period of rest revitalizes the areas of the body and brain that have been working hard, resulting in improved performance.

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Train better

No matter what it is you are working towards physically, floating can help you achieve it. When you exercise, it’s the recovery that produces gains. Regular floating accelerates muscle recovery and flexibility so you can get back to pushing your limits.

Dream better

After only 20 minutes of float therapy, your brain begins to produce theta brain waves (the ones responsible for deep sleep). The more you float, the easier it gets to access that state of mind. It’s like sleep practice.