Very little is needed to float at New Wave.  We have towels, shampoo, conditioner, and other toiletries. For first time floaters, it usually takes three session to be fully comfortable with the flotation experience. 


Prepare to Float

Each pod room is equipped with a shower that you will use prior to entering the pod. Be sure to sufficiently clean your body and shampoo your hair to remove any oils, lotions, dirt.  Do not use conditioner before entering pod.  Salt can sting any cuts or scrapes. Barrier cream will be available for this purpose. It is recommended to not shave or wax prior to floating. 

shower image.jpg

Enter Pod

Simply step into the pod, enter the water, close the lid behind you, and float on your back. It's that easy. 


Enjoy Your Session

The float experience is different for everyone. You may listen to music for part or the entirety of your session, or have complete silence. You may use the pod's built in LED lights, or experience total darkness. Most choose to close the pod lid after they enter the pod, however, you may decide to keep it open.  It is your float session for you to customize to your comfort level.  




You will be gently prompted that your float session is coming to an end. At which time you will exit the pod, rinse off in the shower, and dress.  Toiletries will be provided for showering as well as towels. Additional accountrements are available in the bathrooms, including hair dryers.

toiletries image.jpg


We welcome you to spend as much time as needed in the bathroom to finish getting ready. The lounge is always available pre and post float to unwind, enjoy a cup of tea, and discuss your float experience. 

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